Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terminalia catappa dried leaves : aquarium conditioners for the healing and nestling of fish.

Terminalia Catappa, or Wild Almond dried Leaves are water conditioners and additives widely used in Asia by soft and brakish water aquarium keepers. These leaves, which are in principle free from non natural pesticide are harvested once mature to be sun dried several days and soaked in the water aquarium. Known to have antibacteria and antifungal effects they are indeed useful for the healing of shrimps and Fish ( Betta, Discus, Angel, Corydoras, Arowana, Tetras, Killis to name a few ) suffering injuries and fin rot;
Below is a two years old Catappa tree not treated with pesticides at aleyagarden : only 60% of the leaves are commercially available as grade A.

The leaves induce also pawning, especially of the Betta : the surface of the leaves leaches chemical coumpounds that protect the babies from fungi and toxic bacteria, hence favours the betta's bubblenesting. Some studies have shown that when decaying the leaves provide brown humic and tannic acidic compounds with strong antimicrobial properties that will also bind with ammonia in the tank. It is very likely that this brown water simulates the natural habitat of the fish. Other benefits include enhancing the color of the fish, lowering the water pH, adding essential trace elements and calcium. Put one leaf or its water extract every week in a 70 liter tank.

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Rodel Pasana said...

Catappa Leaf is a real useful one. If you want some of it you can buy it on ebay. You can have it by 20's , by 10's or by 5's .